Discover Bohol

Being surrounded by islands means that Bohol is shielded from the strongest effects of tropical cyclones that often hit other parts of the Philippines. Come enjoy Bohol’s calm tropical waters and nice tropical climate without much year around variations.


Visit during the Bohol summer, which is from March to May, and you will get to see the Chocolate Hills in their “Chocolate” color.


At the resort we offer you beach dinners and parties. You can lounge or take a relaxing snooze either poolside or right on the beach and let a gentle breeze caress you. Play billiards or beach volleyball with your friends or family. Take a dip in our swimming pool doing few laps or just floating and enjoying the spectacular sea view in front of you. And if that’s not for you, then the waters of the Bohol Sea beckon.


Snorkeling and scuba diving are a must for the coral reef lover, and Bohol is surrounded by coral reefs rich in marine life, with kayaking available and sub aqua activities close by; Anda White Beach Resort offers it all.


Take a trip in nature, by letting us take you on a one-day hour to discover Bohol’s interior, Walk on it’s trails and you might see the small and shy Philippine Tarsier, one of the world’s smallest primates. No larger than a man’s hand, The Tarsier is part of a diverse eco-system, which includes a huge variety of birds that you will get to experience. And take you to the Chocolate Hills, Loboc river and some of the numerous caves and waterfalls scattered all over Bohol, some of them as yet undiscovered. We pass by several old churches and other historical monuments you can visit.