Health & Safety Protocol


Our visitors and employees’ health and wellbeing are at the top of our priorities. As such, all Anda White Beach Resorts staff and personnel have been extensively trained with the protocols of COVID-19, specifically our employees who are in regular contact with the guests, including Housekeeping, Food & Beverage, Lifeguards, and Hotel and Security. 

Long recognized as a hospitality leader for our commitment to quality, exacting standards, and meticulous training, the resort has implemented a new multi-pronged platform of increased safety measures, which includes enhanced technology and protection for our guests and colleagues.

Early Isolation / Segregation

Our colleagues are trained and briefed to report all guests presenting COVID-19 symptoms on property. This allows us to take immediate action to assess their medical condition and ensure guests can isolate themselves in their room or be referred to a medical facility for further assessment.

Social Distancing

Our resort will ensure all guests and colleagues are following physical distancing standards by standing at least 2 meters away from others throughout the property.

Thermal Scanner

All resort entry points will utilize thermal scanners to conduct temperature checks.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

PPE is worn by the housekeeping and frontline staff based on the regulations and guidance of the Department of Health.

Disinfection Protocols

We use industry-leading cleaning and sanitizing products and protocols for use against viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens. Our resort also uses fogging machine to provide thorough disinfection.

Hand Sanitizer

We provided hand sanitizers all over the resort to ensure everyone’s protection.

Hand sanitizer dispensers are placed throughout the resort.

  • Rooms are allocated to allow appropriate levels of social distancing.
  • Alternate counters are used for guest registration to ensure social distancing. Upon guest departure, all luggage and rooms are fogged and undergo intensive sanitization.
  • Visitors are temperature screened and asked to use hand sanitizer and to wear a mask provided by the resort as per government guidelines.
  • We are kindly asking guests for their time of arrival to the property, to ensure we are prepared for their arrival.
    • Beach Sanitation
      • We have taken the below measures to ensure your safety whilst enjoying our beaches.
      • Chairs and loungers are placed at a distance of 2m and a clear distance of 4m will be kept between different groups of guests. Guests are allowed to remove masks while on their chairs or loungers; provided social distancing is maintained as per the guidelines. Guests can enjoy the beach with a party size of up to a maximum of 5 people and swim on the beach without a mask. Recreational and sports activities will be available and will be sanitized after each use. Food & Beverage services will be offered to our guests with a limited menu.
      • All our facilities including chairs, loungers, and life jackets are sanitized after each guest’s use. All other beach facilities including towel desks, entry kiosks, lifeguard stand, and all other desks and counters are sanitized at least once per hour. All our cabanas are sanitized after each use. 
    • Guest Arrival By Van
      • All Anda White Beach Resort vehicles are thoroughly cleaned before and after each use. Gloves, masks, seat covers, and keys are thoroughly disinfected after use by our transportation team. Guests are not permitted in the front passenger seat, and no more than four guests permitted per van 
      • Guests requesting bell service will be assisted. Our valets wear masks and face shields at all times and are equipped with pocket sanitizers and wipes.
      • For guests arriving in their vehicles, parking has been allocated close to the guest entrance.
    • Guest Arrival Valet, Taxi, or Rideshare
      • Valet service will be available to guests. The Anda White Beach Resort transportation team will follow relevant precautionary and preventive measures as per the Department of Health.
    • Room Amenities
      • Every guest room is provided with an amenity kit, consisting of masks, and alcohol. Room service menus can be accessed through QR Code Scanning. Non-essential items such as pens, pad, collateral, and menus have been removed from the guest room.
      • In-room dining is served by colleagues wearing protective equipment and will use a simplified table set up to minimize contact. All bed linen is changed daily and washed at high temperatures.
    • Public Areas and Communal Spaces
      • The frequency of cleaning has been expanded in all public spaces with disinfectants including front desk counters, door handles, public washrooms, and handrails.
    • Restaurants
      • Table plans in all restaurants ensure a minimum two-meter distance between diners.
      • Menus are accessible through QR Code Scanning. Surfaces, seats, high-contact areas, and restrooms are regularly sanitized using a hospital-grade disinfectant.
      • All dishes are fully prepared in kitchens. There will be no tableside cooking or garnishing. Buffet / self-serve food services have been discontinued at this time.
      • We are licensed to serve alcoholic beverages to the table and when ordering food only. 
      • Dining at all Anda White Beach Resort restaurants is by reservation only.


Public Spaces

  • Cleaning in all public spaces is increased with special attention to high-touch surfaces. These surfaces include but are not limited to front desk counters, door handles, counters, chairs, tables, guestroom door locks, and handrails.
  • We are only using 70% alcohol, qualified for use against COVID-19.
  • Restrooms are filled with alcohol, hand sanitizers, and soaps.
  • The pool area is cleaned every day.


  • Guestrooms are thoroughly cleaned after every checkout. Daily cleaning will only be performed by our housekeeping staff when you are not inside the guest room.
  • Only high-quality disinfectants qualified for use against COVID-19 are used. We pay special attention to high-touch areas such as hard surfaces, counters, television remote controls, toilet seats and handles, door and furniture handle, faucet handles, nightstands, telephones, control panels, light switches, thermostats, and flooring.
  • Room keys are sanitized before distribution. 
  • Amenities are available by request. Minibars and reusable items in guestrooms have been removed — please contact the front desk with any requests.
  • Our laundry service washes linens in high temperatures. If you need extra linens, let us know. When linens are collected for washing, we are using sealed laundry bags.
  • In the event of a suspected case of COVID-19, the guestroom will be closed and thoroughly cleaned. The guestroom will not be available for occupancy until the room is deemed safe.


  • Food preparation techniques are enhanced, and we are serving the best quality of food to our guests.
  • Menus have been modified. Buffets are suspended and we are currently offering grab and go items.
  • Social distancing is required. Furniture has been spaced 6-feet apart and attendance will be capped based on the current local guidelines.
  • Medical Concerns. If you are not feeling well, please let us know. Our Frontdesk can assist you with emergency numbers and to go to the nearby medical facilities. 

Health and Safety Highlights

  • Our staff is required to wear a face mask and face shield and receive proper training. The training covers proper handwashing techniques and other safety techniques.
  • Deep cleaning and disinfecting protocols are in place. We are using hospital-grade disinfectants and an efficient fogging machine for cleaning the entire resort.
  • Masks and face shields are required. Staff, guests, visitors, and suppliers must wear a face mask at all times in public spaces. 
  • Sanitizing stations are available throughout the resort. Hand-free alcohol stations are placed in high-traffic areas.
  • Social distancing is required. Signages of maintaining a one-meter distance can be seen throughout the hotel to ensure that everyone has a guide for social distancing. We have rearranged all furniture to enforce suggested distances in public areas, such as the resort entrance, restaurants, and employee areas.